Slow Down. Appreciate.

If you’re anything like me, you may find that after you’ve had a holiday… you feel like you need a holiday! Our pace of life is currently so fast that even when we’re on holiday, or trying to take things a little slower, we don’t actually get to relax or rest as much as we would like.

As a result, we find ourselves making decisions and choosing to speed life up so that we can simply have ‘more time’. But speeding up our lives just seems to make room for more things to soak up our limited time and energy.

Here are two things that I am going to be working on:


Deliberately tell yourself, repeatedly through the day “I am not in a rush”. Sure – you may actually be rushing somewhere… but let your mind relax and regain control, even if you are physically rushing around.

Not feeling rushed will place you in a mental place from where you will be able to consider more choices and ultimately; make better decisions,


When you are purposeful about slowing down the pace of your thoughts and your approach, you will find the space to appreciate what surrounds you. From your relationships to your possessions – you may even find yourself moving from a sense of feeling like you don’t have enough to a confidence that you already have all that you need and that anything else new is a bonus!

If you have hit the ground running, and are already feeling like you may lose your balance, try to restore that balance by slowing down and appreciating.

If you want to slow down with a chilled cup of tea or coffee – just drop me an email and let’s catch up!

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