Keep the roof over your loved ones’ heads – no matter what.

Buying your own home is filled with amazing feelings, and often a lot of stress!  From all the forms to fill out and hoops to jump through, once you finally have your homeloan approved you still need to arrange the move – which is an entirely different type of stress.In this process, you may overlook some features of the homeloan that you’d wish you’d have seen, so here are some pointers from Brightrock.

Investing in a new home is probably one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make. That’s why banks require new homeowners to buy a life insurance policy when taking out a homeloan.

Did you know that you’re not obliged to take out life insurance with your bank to secure your homeloan? You’re free to take out the policy that best meets your needs.

With BrightRock’s needs-matched insurance for your outstanding debt, you get the best debt protection for your family not only for today – but for always. You can choose exactly the right cover you need now. Then, if things change, you can change your benefits to match.

BrightRock is cover that is designed to be ‘living’ – to change as you do so. It’s made just for you at the start and then changes with you, as your life changes.

Some of the unique features you enjoy are:
  1. BrightRock relevance – you can tailor your cover to meet your needs and keep it for just as long you need. When your homeloan is paid off and you no
  2. longer need the cover, it can simply fall away.
  3. BrightRock control – you decide what kind of pay-out you want and whether to protect your homeloan’s full capital value or just the amount you still owe.
  4. BrightRock efficiency – because there’s no waste in your cover, you’ll save money. Which you can put to better use paying off your bond sooner or even investing in another asset.
  5. BrightRock choice – how you use your cover is up to you.
  6. BrightRock flexibility – if your needs change and you later find you need more cover, you can get the cover you need on easy terms.

It’s all about making sure your family can count on the comforts of home sweet home – in good times, and in bad.

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