The Ballad of Golden Means

The Ballad of Golden Means In sooth, a tale of coin oft told, Doth shake the hearts of young and old; For lucre’s siren song entwines The very core of mortal lines. Yet, shall we to this master bow? Or find we balance ‘twixt the bough? In measure fair and wisdom’s sight, Let not the […]

Why we may never have ‘enough’

The concept of ‘enough’ remains as elusive as the horizon — always visible yet forever just out of reach. This is particularly true in our relationship with money, a relationship that often mirrors the depths of human desire and the complexities of contentment. The nature of enough is a philosophical rabbit hole. On the one […]

Where habits and wealth intersect

Our daily existence is a series of patterns and habits, some as visible as the paths we walk, others as intimate as the thoughts we entertain. Within this daily walk, each choice of habit — whether tied to our finances, our health, or our personal growth — has the potential to either constrain or liberate […]

How do you express stress with your money?

We’ve all been there: that moment when life throws you a curveball and stress builds up. Your palms might get sweaty, your heart rate spikes, or perhaps you feel a pit in your stomach. But have you ever thought about how this stress manifests in your financial behaviour? Understanding your ‘money stress language’ could be […]

Threat, Stress, and Trauma: The unspoken influences on your money personality

Have you ever wondered why some financial decisions are harder to make than others? It’s not always just about the numbers or the facts laid out in a spreadsheet. Deep down, emotions, stress, and even past experiences like threats and trauma play a significant role in how we manage our finances.  This is incredibly important […]

Understanding the role of culture in your financial journey

You’re looking for more than a number-cruncher when seeking integrated financial planning services. This is because you’re essentially seeking a partner in a very critical area of your life—your financial future. And much like any other meaningful relationship, the foundation isn’t just built on expertise but also on mutual values and shared culture.  Simon Sinek […]

Rewiring your financial mindset (I)

The Psychology of Financial Planning Have you ever found yourself spiralling down a mental rabbit hole, arriving at a worrying conclusion about your finances without consciously deciding to ponder over it? If so, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. The Power of Thought Patterns  Humans naturally develop schemas, or cognitive frameworks, to understand […]

Entertained or educated?

Our lives are saturated with information, so it’s important to scrutinise what we consume, especially when it comes to financial news and our use of social media. The core objective of social media isn’t necessarily to make you a more informed member of society. Instead, it’s driven by the motive to capture your attention, to […]

Finding the truth in a “My Truth” world

The lines between personal beliefs and universal truths often blur, and the role of a financial planner becomes ever more critical. As we wade through the waters of modern finance, it’s easy to be swayed by popular opinion or individualised perceptions of reality.  But what’s vital is ensuring that our decisions are made based on […]

Time to think about money – Part 4

You know how sometimes we tend to procrastinate when it comes to our finances? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Procrastination can be a major roadblock to achieving our financial goals. But did you know that Nancy Kline’s Time to Think methodology can help us overcome that? It’s all about creating a thinking environment that encourages […]